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Founded in 1764

History of St. Peter's Episcopal Church
In 1932-33 a new carpet was laid, the gift of the woman's society under Mrs. Julian James, the same year, 1932 occurred the celebration of the George Washington Bi-Centennial, Saturday and Sunday, May 28-29, 1932. The open-air service at 4:00 P.M. Sunday was a celebration of the Holy Communion. It was held at the site of the old church building at the south west corner of the cemetery on Governor's Hill Road. The tablet commemorating the founding of St. Peter's church 
was placed on a rock near the road so as to be readily viewable there from, rather than at the actual site of the church building.

In 1933 one of Rev. Douglas's major efforts was the starting of the Boy Scouts in Oxford. In 1935 a pageant-play was given by the Sunday School entitled "The Little Pilgrims of the Book Beloved", in which some forty persons took part. In 1935 the celebration of Connecticut Tercentenary was held in Oxford in which Mr. Douglas and members of St. Peter's Church were active.
In 1936 the Little Parish Hall and Sunday School Room were erected back of the 
Rectory. Church services were held there during cold weather. In the same year 
the chancel platform was extended out into the nave, so that the organ could be 
placed on it, convenient to the choir. In 1937 a pageant was enacted entitled "The 
Holy Church", and in 1938 the "Quest of the Holy Grail" was given in costume, in 
which about 40 persons participated. In 1938 the church furnace was installed.

In 1939 the 175th Anniversary was celebrated of the founding of the Episcopal Church in Oxford.  
In the Fall of 1948 the Rev. William Emery Soule came to St. Oxford. Immediately on taking charge of the two churches in Oxford, Mr. Soule instituted regular early Sunday morning celebrations of the Holy Communion, those at St. Peter's being held on the first, third and fifth Sundays of the month. In January 1949 Mr. Soule started issuing a parish news letter entitled, "Church News" the name of which he changed to "Babbles from the Rectory Brook", the Rectory properly being bound on the West by the brook known as "The Little River".

In 1952 a plot of ground was purchased east of route 67 opposite the church. So for nearly two hundred years, St. Peter's Church has stood steadfast through many storms, it being well named after that great man whom Christ called Simon, The Rock.
A more in depth history of St. Peter's Church, the Episcopal Church in Oxford and history of Oxford town can be found in the book referenced for this history; The history of St. Peter's Church in Oxford Ct. by Norman Litchfield, 1955-56.
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